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Postdoc position

(Starting 2019, flexible)


Research area: Bacterial life on plant leaf surfaces.

The successful applicant will conduct research aimed at understanding the basic underlying principles of microbial life on plant leaf surfaces. This is part of an ongoing project funded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation (Studying Complex Systems). The project aims to investigate

(i) The mechanisms that allow the robust self-organization of bacterial communities on the leaf;

(ii) Microbial interactions on the leaf surface at the microscale;

(iii) The ways the leaf surface microbiota affect plant function and health.


The research will be based on advanced single-cell approaches including fluorescence microscopy analyses and genomics.

Requirements: Extensive lab experience in Molecular Biology / Microbiology / Microscopy.

 A two year fellowship is offered.








PhD student position

(Starting 2019, flexible)


Research area: The interplay between individual cell behavior,  bacterial self-organization on surfaces, and collective protection from stresses.

Requirements: BSc in Life Sciences.

MSc in Life Sciences or a related field.

Lab experience in Molecular Biology or Microbiology is an advantage.

*No computational background is required.







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